Erik Thorkildson




   I am beginning to feel the warmth in my heart for the holiday season!!! Its a cool December day here in LA, and the feeling of hearth and home is in full swing here at  the Zelthor residence! The smell of fresh pine fills the entire house, and the kitchen is always in use! Ahhhhhhh, my favorite time of year is here! And not a minute too late this year, in my humble opinion.


  I wanted to send out my deepest gratitude to all who came out to show support at my art exhibition opening! It was a really fun evening, and in my eyes was a success!!! Stay tuned for future shows and exciting developments in my world!!! Peace and goodwill to all <3

 So anybody who knows me will tell you that autumn is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I dont know why it captivates me so much; the cooling air, the way the sunlight appears just a bit softer. So I am delighted that with this change of season I am going to be exhibiting my work at Unity Salon in Fullerton in conjunction with the Fullerton First Fridays event!!! Its going to be a really fun night! I will be doing a live painting that evening; and in addition, we have some talented folks playing jams on the wheels of steel! Beer and wine and light snacks will be served! It will be the showcase of a lot of new work that ive been kicking out, so please join me!!!








      Ok, so this year for me, on a personal note, has been one of great change within the concentric circles of this life I call my own. I left my home in Venice Beach, where I have lived and loved for around six years. Venice Beach is in my life's journey, a symbol of immense accomplishment; a place that I had really come into my own. It has this energy that just makes you feel like you are flying high- like a kite :) Anyway, so after five amazing years, my life partner Tim and I decided to take our relationship to the next level and move in together. Tim resides in Century City, which those of you who know LA map wise, is about five miles east of Venice Beach. Really not that far in terms of distance, but far enough to not feel like the beach... I digress...


  So 2016 has just been so full of changes for me ;both personally and outside of me in the world I call home, that I am at this point where I am already  remeniscing !! (its only been like 3 months! Lol). But thats the kind of year it's been. It's funny, because I really would attribute Venice Beach as being the catalyst to my flowering as an artist. Now as I move forward in my life, and journey onward to new territories(both physically and artisically), I must keep Venice beach in my heart and take it with me. Hmmmmmm, you know what I need to do? Bring a little jar down to the water and fill it with the sand of VB; then I literally can bring it with me everywhere I go!!! 

  I have always felt that my art and my craft were always a sort of a medicine for the eyes of those who viewed it. I have always beieved in my ability to create a visual dialogue that heals, inspires, and brings love and light into many hearts. 

   2016 has been a rough year full of lessons of impermanence, loss, and inevitible change. Through all of these growing pains we are collectively going through as a country, and ultimately as a world populace, I have realized that there is a huge part I play in this as an artist. I need to continue to spread my message of love and peace through my experiments in color and my explorations into my imagination. My intention is always to heal through my craft. 

    Well, hello there folks! Welcome to my website,! For as long as I can remember, the visual arts have been an interest and passion that have belonged to me; I mean, my parents are the keepers and collectors of that evidence! Whenever I go back home to visit, it never ceases to amaze me what a chronological journey lies before me that was a creation of my own. I mean, I can look at the walls, and almost see my entire life documented before my eyes! 

   Today also happens to be my 39th birthday(woot woot!!!!). One of the things that I am celebrating is me FINALLY getting my work up online in some capacity!! I hope that this will be a place where people can take a look at my colorful and imaginative world, and maybe through the process understand me a little better. 

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